Charlottesville’s Canned Cocktail


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  • Brand Identity

  • Package Design

  • Print & Publishing Design

  • Web Design

Waterbird Spirits began their journey of creating hand-crafted canned cocktails for consumer convenience in Charlottesville, VA in 2019.

Mountain High took to the role of building out the brand of what is now known as “Charlottesville’s Canned Cocktail.” Waterbird came to us with a logo and can designs, and we worked on bringing the owner’s marketing and branding vision to life. As regulations eased over distilled spirits in grocery stores and convenience stores in the state of Virginia, we worked quickly and efficiently to get the proper messaging in harmony with the overall look so that Waterbird Spirits could be the first to market their new canned cocktail brand.

Color Palate
Outer Carton Packaging

Mountain High Media began by giving the canned cocktails a thoughtfully-designed home to live in on the shelves in the form of vibrant packaging. We established concrete fonts and colors that would bring the packaging to life. We used the distinguished bright colors of the two beverages to make a unique visual experience that stood out from other items on the shelf. We also incorporated details that only the consumer would notice once they opened their four pack of Waterbird Spirits at home.

Social Media &
Brand Awareness

We began to build brand awareness through social media. We created a build up for the Waterbird audience up until the launch of their products. Post launch, we continued to educate the audience about Waterbird Spirits’ ingredients and canning process through animated graphics and branded imagery.

Social Elements

We created a simple, one-page site to convey the brand to a different digital audience away from social media platforms. We brought focus back to the products, while maintaining the informative factors that we had already incorporated into their social media creative. This simple site allows the consumer to get the true essence of the Waterbird Spirits mission.